Quality Control Team togther with Assurance Team.

General Overview

The company generates an ideal working environment for all members of staff as a dynamic, flexible and reliable team conducts its management. Customers are handled on a personal level. Medium and long term targets aim at the continuous development of the company.

The company's personnel include pharmacists, chemists, technicians and operators who are all highly qualified in their own field of operation. Every year a substantial investment is made in new recruits and in the continuous training of existing personnel, both by in-house lectures and practical hands-on training. Particular attention is paid to topics relating to health and safety and Good Manufacturing Practice.

Fully Trained On-site Nurse

Human Resources

At Rene Industries we treat people as our most valuable asset and are committed towards their training and professional advancement. Communication at all levels must be encouraged along with loyalty and performance. In order to compete in the ever-changing market place, Rene Industries is actively recruiting high-calibre people from different local universities, providing them with exciting career opportunities and a working environment where they can contribute to the best of their abilities. Leadership is encouraged and resources for further development are provided.