The Director: Mr. Rishi Vadodaria

Company Overview

Following the registration of Rene Industries in 1996, commercial production commenced in 1999. This was instigated by the realization of a cherished goal to produce efficacious and cost effective drugs for the local and export market.
We strive for continuous development of the company through innovative technologies and training. Investment in buildings, machinery, technology and people has been a major contributing factor to Rene's success and will continue to drive future development.

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Goal
To reduce dependency on imported drugs by providing high quality and efficacious pharmaceuticals at a reasonable cost hence improving the quality of human life in the local region.
A Milestone to Golden Health. To achieve self-sustaining local production of high quality drugs at affordable prices in Uganda.
To generate trust in locally manufactured drugs from the medical fraternity. As a local manufacturer, we have the ability to identify and address the health care needs of the population.


In 2000 Rene Industries was awarded the investors award.
Rene Industries indigenously developed the anti-malarial LUMAREN in house; a duo therapy combination (Lumefantrine 120mg+Artemether 20mg) for the treatment of malaria.
Rene Industries' timely supply of drugs to meet the healthcare demand was recognized with the award of best supplier from National Medical Stores in 2007.

The Chairman and Managing Director
recieving an Award

Our Pledge to the Community

We encourage the progress of science, education and health.
Rene Industries currently employ over 300 people, which include pharmacists, chemists, human resource managers, technicians, skilled personnel and labor. Rene Industries pledges continuous meaningful employment and a fair contribution to the prosperity of the communities we operate in.
Our large manufacturing capacity shortens the process of availing drugs during incidences of epidemic out break as opposed to the lengthy periods imported drugs would take to arrive.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Rene community comprises of a networks of negotiations. The company plays its role in the social infrastructure of Uganda whole heartedly whilst employing a consistent program of community activities that include:
Training opportunities for intern pharmacists, chemists, technicians and other academic disciplines from Makerere University and other institutions of learning.
Rene Industries is looking for greater collaboration from all stakeholders in the medical field to resolve Uganda's struggle against opportunistic diseases. Our commitment to those who cannot afford quality drugs has driven us to invest part of our profits in charity donations. We provide a number of medicines to charitable foundations such as Namagoma charitable clinic, Mother Teresa's home, Bless a child foundation and Sanyu babies' home.
We recognize the value of qualified pharmacists in the country and in doing so; we sponsor the full time, education of potential candidates, which entails a four-year degree course in Pharmacy.

Pharmacist Director Receiving
an Award of Achievement


We at Rene Industries set ourselves the highest ethical standards both in our capacity as the company employees and as private individuals. Rene Industries has an excellent reputation in the region and is maintained by a code of conduct that is based on honesty, openness and trust amongst all employees, and when dealing with customers / suppliers / trading partners etc.

Human Resources

At Rene Industries we treat people as our most valuable asset and are committed towards their training and professional advancement. Communication at all levels must be encouraged along with loyalty and performance. In order to compete in the ever-changing market place, Rene Industries is actively recruiting high-calibre people from different local universities, providing them with exciting career opportunities and a working environment where they can contribute to the best of their abilities. Leadership is encouraged and resources for further development are provided.